To Further Support Waste Management, Caritas Czech Republic Joins the EU- and KfW-Financed Project
September 30, 2021 News

To Further Support Waste Management, Caritas Czech Republic Joins the EU- and KfW-Financed Project

Thanks to the new partnership with PEM Consult, Caritas Czech Republic continues supporting sustainable waste management practices in rural Georgia. Since August 2021, our organization works on the introduction of waste separation and recycling practices in Racha-Lechkhumi Kvemo Svaneti within the project financed by the European Union and KfW Development Bank.

Activities Planned within the Project

Although the Waste Management Code was adopted in 2014, Georgia is still facing a big challenge in the implementation of its commitments, which negatively affects the quality of life and health of the rural population. With this in mind, Caritas Czech Republic as a PEM Consult contractor carries out a new project – Supporting the Introduction of Waste Separation and Recycling Practices in Racha-Lechkhumi Kvemo Svaneti Region of Georgia with the total budget of 52 500 EURO.

“The project builds on Caritas Czech Republic`s ongoing interventions in Racha, supported by SlovakAid and Lithuanian Embassy and aiming at the development of municipal waste management infrastructure. Its aim is to assist the municipalities in evaluation of the progress made based on the Municipal Waste Management Plans, which are due for an update in 2022 and furtherly support them in realization of the commitments towards piloting cooperative models for waste recycling” says Ekaterine Meskhrikadze, Deputy Head of Caritas Czech Republic Mission in Georgia and a project´s manager.

Promotion of experience sharing between the municipalities and enhancement of inter-municipal cooperation in waste management on a regional level is another important and innovative part of the project – it is first time that such inter-municipal cooperation is piloted in Georgia.

In order to motivate the population to engage in waste separation, promo bins for waste separation and recycling with relevant information will be placed throughout Lentekhi and Tsageri Municipalities and awareness-raising activities will be conducted with local population.

To this end, project experts will disseminate informational materials and conduct educational activities for the general public, school pupils, and teachers. Notably, environmental experts will introduce home composting practices to local family farms.

Our other Interventions for Sustainable Waste Management

The above-mentioned waste management activities are not the only ones, which Caritas Czech Republic implements in rural Georgia. Thanks to the funding from SlovakAid and the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, our organization actively supports the region of Racha in the development of waste management infrastructure. As such, waste recycling models for Oni, Tsageri, and Lentekhi municipalities were developed and acknowledged by the local governments. Moreover, thanks to the funding from SlovakAid, Caritas Czech Republic delivered 60 units of 1 000-liter metal waste bins, 135 units of 240-liter waste bins, and a seven cubic-meter off-road waste separation truck to the Oni municipality. 

Notably, Caritas Czech Republic also handed over a waste truck worth 100 000 Euros to the municipality of Dusheti. In addition, our organization developed a waste management plan for the protected areas of Pshav-Khevsureti and incorporated it into the existing Waste Management Action Plan of the Dusheti Municipality. Moreover, in the framework of the EU-funded ENPARD project implemented by Caritas Czech Republic in mountainous Adjara, in February 2021, we handed over a garbage truck to the Khulo municipality