About us

Caritas Czech Republic started its development activities in Georgia in 2008. Since the launch of its country program until 2015, CCR projects were implemented mainly through local partner organizations. In 2014, after experience accumulated throughout many years, it was concluded that establishment of a country office is natural step in assuring the delivery of quality, timely and well-based development interventions to Georgian population.

The transition process was completed in 2015 when the CCR branch office in Georgia was registered (under the name “Caritas Czech Republic in Georgia”, CCRG) and a stable team of several staff was built. Since then, the professional capacity of CCRG has been gradually developed focusing not only on health care and on social protection, which are the “flagships” of CCRG interventions in the country, but also on rural development and environmental protection.

In its activities, CCRG provides development assistance to most vulnerable groups, like children with severe disabilities and with autism spectrum disorder, strives for better health of Georgian population, improves agriculture, strengthened community and rural development in mountain regions, and aims at greater social inclusion and stronger civil society in Georgia.

CCRG ensures a high level of accountability towards its multiple donors and numerous partners, and runs its operations based on principles of transparency and efficiency.

Currently CCRG has the main office in Tbilisi.