What we do

Caritas Czech republic in Georgia focuses its work on following directions: Health and social care and Rural Development and Natural Resource Management

Health and Social Care

primary helathcare laboratory

Without good health people cannot reach their full human potential. A country’s economy cannot grow. Focusing on marginalized people and disadvantaged groups has been always at the heart of Caritas’s work. Since the beginning of its intervention in Georgia, CCR has been addressing needs related to the social and health sectors. CCR will continue to contribute to the implementation of the UN sustainable development goals in the areas of health and social care by focusing on the next identified needs:

  • Lack of professionals (especially in the regions) who can identify early risk of developmental delays (e.g. autism), provide diagnosis and rehabilitation services to children/adolescents with special needs;Quality primary health care services throughout Georgia are in urgent need that shall be tracked and evaluated through electronic health information systems;
  • Lack of services and related framework in the field of oncology, palliative and long-term care, etc.;
  • Lack of awareness in the population on a variety of issues related to health (such as healthy lifestyle – physical activity, tobacco use, alcohol intake, etc.) with the purpose of changing the population’s health related behavior.

    CCR Georgia (CCRG) works in close cooperation with the Ministry of Internally Displaced Persons from the Occupied Territories, Labour, Health and Social affairs of Georgia (MoILHSA). CCRG provides support in reforming health and social sectors through assisting thedevelopment of relevant health/social policies and legal frameworks.

    Current Projects aim at establishing primary healthcare quality improvement system, Children’s long-term care services, building capacity and providing quality services for children with autism spectrum disorder and increasing the accessibility to national cancer screening programs in Western Georgia. Health and Social care projects of CCRG are implemented with the support from Czech Development Agency.

    Rural Development and Natural Resource Management

    beneficiary from tusheti, cheese making

    Rural Development and Natural Resource Management plays an important role in the sustainable development of Georgia. Today, rural development is very important in Georgia, where 42.8% (1,591.9 thousand) of the population live in rural areas. As the majority of the local population in Georgia depends on agriculture, the sustainable development of this sector together with adequate natural resource management is crucial for securing stable agricultural production and development of rural regions of Georgia.

    The goal of CCRG in this direction is to ensure rural development through supporting agricultural and alternative income-generating activities and help enable the sustainable management of natural resources and waste management. CCRG programming targets the populations of the mountainous rural areas. Supporting Traditional Livelihood Systems in Tusheti project, supported by Czech Development Agency, targets one of the most remote mountainous regions of Georgia-Tusheti. Instead of develop traditional livelihood systems of farming, including cultivation of agricultural crops and processing wool, the initiative also supported tourism and value chain development.

    Within the EU-funded ENPARD Programme, CCRG, together with the Partners-Croatian Rural Development Network (HMMR) and PMC Research Centre impelemts the projects “promotion of Rural Development and Diversification in Khulo Municiaplity.” The overall objective of the action is to contribute to the reduction of rural poverty in Georgia. The specific objective of the action is to improve employment and living conditions in Khulo Municipality through diversification of the rural economy. Starting in 2019, up to 1,000,000 Euro will disbursed as part of a grant component, for the implementation of small rural development projects.

    With the collaboration to the Agency of Protected Areas of Georgia we are looking at new ways of making positive change to keep our environment clean, safe and beautiful. With the support of the UNDP Challenge fund, CCRG has been implemented the project “Development of Sustainable Management System in Pshav-Khevsureti Protected Area and Adjacent Mountainous Territories