To Better Respond to Pandemic, CCR Delivers Pulse Oximeters to ESCUAC
July 14, 2021 News

To Better Respond to Pandemic, CCR Delivers Pulse Oximeters to ESCUAC

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Caritas Czech Republic (CCR) immediately tailored its activities to support Georgian healthcare system in proper and timely management of the occurred unusual situation. Thanks to International Visegrad Fund, CCR greatly alleviated the work of rural doctors in West Georgia.

With this in mind, Jan Blinka – the Head of Mission of CCR in Georgia handed over pulse oximeters to the Emergency Situation Coordination and Urgent Assistance Center (ESCUAC). The pulse oximeters are intended for rural ambulatories of Samegrelo-Upper Svaneti and Guria regions, and the Dusheti Municipality.

"I am glad that we could handover those devices, which are needed to measure oxygen saturation level in human blood. For the patients with COVID-19, the low oxygen levels can be an early warning sign that medical care is needed," – said Jan Blinka.


The handover of the pulse oximeters is a part of a larger donation conducted within the project financed by International Visegrad Fund. Since its beginning in January 2021, CCR donated personal protective equipment, medical devices, and computers to rural ambulatories for IDPs from Abkhazia in Samegrelo-Upper Svaneti. Moreover, the so-called COVID Hotels were provided with portable oxygen-concentrators, which are needed in case when life-threatening respiratory problems occur in COVID-19 patients. The project directly targeted more than 500 doctors and nurses and the population of Samgrelo-Upper Svaneti region.

"Our center and Caritas Czech Republic have been cooperating successfully. Today, CCR donated pulse oximeters to our center, which will be delivered to rural ambulatories and doctors. This will significantly help them in management of COVID-19 cases. We would like to express our gratitude to the CCR for this important support," – Said Giorgi Tavdishvili, deputy head of ESCUAC.

The Role of CCR’s Support to ESCUAC

Since 2015, Caritas Czech Republic has been supporting Georgian healthcare system aiming at reaching systemic changes with visible results on the national level. After the outbreak of COVID-19, the team of CCR rapidly changed its traditional course and tailored projects’ activities to contribute to the management of the occurred untypical situation in the country. Thus, the support against the pandemic has become one of the core objectives of our work.

Notably, the experts of CCR delivered trainings to the medical staff of COVID hotels with the aim to better monitor patients´ conditions and provide adequate medical care. The trainings were also focused on management of COVID-19 mild cases and critical conditions before transferring to hospital.

During the pandemic, CCR experts have also conducted online trainings on the management of the COVID-19 cases, post-virus complications, and vaccination side effects for rural doctors. Moreover, we have handed over 50 computers to local ambulatories to effectively implement their clinical practice.

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