Thanks to Visegrad Fund, Caritas delivered hygiene and protective equipment to the ambulatories
May 25, 2021 News

Thanks to Visegrad Fund, Caritas delivered hygiene and protective equipment to the ambulatories

Since the beginning of COVID-19 pandemic, Caritas Czech Republic (CCR) has been assisting Georgian health care system to respond adequately to suddenly emerged challenges. Under the partnership with International Visegrad Fund, Czech Caritas extends its material support to rural ambulatories in Western Georgia, which provide medical services to local communities of internally displaced persons (IDPs).

Assistance to the ambulatories for IDPs from Abkhazia

Czech Caritas visited rural ambulatories for IDPs from Abkhazia in Senaki, Khobi, Zugdidi and Jvari and donated them personal protective equipment, medical devices and computers. The handover of the equipment to the ambulatories is a part of the project "Supporting Georgian Health Care System to Provide Quality Medical Services During COVID-19 Pandemic" and is funded by International Visegrad Fund. The value of the donation given during the visit exceeds 63,000 GEL. (15 000 EUR).

IDPS abkhazia

“I am honored that with this initiative, we can support delivery of quality medical services to one of the most vulnerable groups of Georgian society. The donation of personal protective equipment and small medical devices to the medical staff of the ambulatories will significantly contribute to the safe implementation of their daily activities, which is of particular importance for both medical staff and patients in a pandemic,” commented Jan Blinka, Head of Caritas Czech Republic in Georgia.

Caritas to train Covid hotel staff and deliver medical equipment

CCR´s support to Georgian health institutions in Covid-19 related needs does not end, however, with delivery of materials for rural ambulatories.

To manage Covid-19 pandemic and prevent unnecessary hospitalization, Georgian government developed unique approach to create Covid-hotels, in which mild cases were treated. With this approach, it was possible to divide management of Covid-19 cases by their severity. However, in order to provide quality medical services, the Covid hotels needed to strengthen further both professional as well as technical capacities. Specifically, they were in need of oxygen concentrators to ensure immediate assistance in case the condition of a patient aggravates without the need to hospitalize the patient.

Team of Czech Caritas provided both training for medical personnel as well as 55 oxygen concentrators, which are used not only by Covid hotels, but also by other medical facilities under the management of Georgian Medical Holding.

This all could not be achieved without financial support from International Visegrad Fund with the contribution from South Korea´s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.