Caritas Czech Republic trained 11 Georgian specialists in the "Early Beginning Denver Model".
February 22, 2021 News

Caritas Czech Republic trained 11 Georgian specialists in the "Early Beginning Denver Model".

Caritas Czech Republic and the Ilia State University Institute for Child Development trained 11 Georgian specialists in the "Early Beginning Denver Model".

What is the Denver model?

The Denver Model is a therapeutic approach to working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The Model, designed for children aged 0-60 months, encourages communication and the ability to engage in relationships. It is a relationship-based approach that involves the participation of parents and family members, and it focuses on the development of socio-emotional, cognitive and language skills.

The workshop was conducted remotely and included six 3-hour sessions. Between sessions, the therapists worked with a child and received feedback from Canadian specialists on the accuracy of their therapeutic work with the child.

“The Denver Early Intervention Training was a very important workshop for Georgian specialists working in the field of autism. This period is the most sensitive in terms of intervention and it is important for specialists to have specific knowledge that will enable us to use the potential of the child to the maximum and to promote his development. With the support of Caritas Czech Republic, we underwent 2 levels of the Denver Early Intervention training. I am glad that I was given the opportunity to participate in these trainings. The model is based on solid research data, which highlights its effectiveness. This will enable us to offer the right intervention to children and their families at the most crucial period in terms of development. Here, I would like to thank the families who were involved in the practical part of the training, their cooperation was very important to us. Special thanks to Caritas of the Czech Republic and the Czech Development Agency for their great contribution to the development of this field.”- Tinatin Avsajanishvili, Early Intervention Specialist, Child Development Institute.

The introduction of the Denver model will help diversify evidence-based therapeutic approaches and increase access to services for children with ASD in Georgia.

The workshop was led by Denver Model Certified Canadian Specialists Michaela Jelen and Janet Harder.

The project “Expansion and improvement of services for people with autism spectrum disorder in Georgia” is being implemented with the financial support of Czech Development agency.

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