Caritas Czech Republic Handed Over Family-Type Homes to the State Care Agency
May 13, 2022 Press releases

Caritas Czech Republic Handed Over Family-Type Homes to the State Care Agency

On May 18, 2022, Caritas Czech Republic within the framework of the Czech Development Agency-funded project „Way to Home: Development of Adult Alternative Social Services in Georgia“ handed over two family-type homes to the State Care Agency. 

The houses are intended for setting up small family-type residential services for the persons with disabilities (PwDs) currently living in large boarding homes in Dusheti and Martkopi. The mentioned project aims at helping the beneficiaries start independent living as well as to support the Government of Georgia in the deinstitutionalization process by working on various legislative initiatives.

The event was attended by Petr Mikyska – Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Georgia, Tamila Barkalaia – Deputy Minister of Health of Georgia, Jan Blinka – Caritas Czech Republic Head of Mission, Tamar Kurtanidze – Caritas Czech Republic Projects Manager and Meri Maglaperidze – Director of State Care Agency. 

First, the guests visited the houses to get acquainted with current results of the project on the spot. Afterward, Caritas Czech Republic and State Care Agency representatives signed the donation act of the property (two private houses).

Although the deinstitutionalization process in Georgia began in 2010-2011, it still an ongoing process due to its complexity. In 2020, on the initiative of the Agency for State Care and Assistance for the Victims of Human Trafficking, Caritas Czech Republic elaborated a deinstitutionalization strategy and an action plan in close cooperation with the Ministry of Health of Georgia and took the responsibility to provide family type homes and services for persons with disabilities (PwDs) living in two large boarding homes under the state care. The project financially is supported by the Czech Development Agency.

Caritas Czech Republic’s experts of the field, in close cooperation with Czech colleagues and project partners’ representatives, identified the main areas of work, carried out the assessment of needs and interests of the beneficiaries, and provides support to beneficiaries for starting independent living in new services. As a result, some of the beneficiaries living in large boarding houses in Dusheti and Martkopi will move to two new family-style homes that were procured and renovated by Caritas Czech Republic.

This material was prepared in the scope of the project financed within the Official Development Assistance of the Czech Republic and implemented through the partnership between Czech Development Agency and Caritas Czech Republic.