Improvement of quality of gynaecologic cancer care in West Georgia
January 10, 2022 Ongoing Projects

Improvement of quality of gynaecologic cancer care in West Georgia

Full name of project: Improvement of quality of gynaecologic cancer care in West Georgia

  • Project duration: January 2022 – December 2022
  • Project Partners: Georgian Medical Holding, Zugdidi Screening Center

  • Description:  Annually, around 10 000 to 11 000 new cases of malignant tumour are registered in the cancer registry since 2015. Out of this number, 56% is related to female cancer and cervical and uterus cancer are on the top list of five most prevalent cancer diseases among women in Georgia. One of the problems is the late diagnoses of the cancer.

    The proposed intervention will address the needs related to low geographical accessibility and utilization of available screening programs as well as the need related to low quality of oncology medical services provided in the regions of Georgia alongside with the state policies and strategies in the field of onco-gynaecology.

    Particularly, it will build the technical capacities of medical personnel working in West Georgia (namely, Batumi in Adjara, Zugdidi and Rukhi in Samegrelo and Gali in Abkhazia) as well as providing necessary equipment to ensure quality of onco-gynaecological services in those selected regions. The project intervention will target medical workers at the primary healthcare level as well as secondary and tertiary clinical practitioners. At least 70% of the budget will be allocated to buy equipment for the mentioned state hospitals in Batumi and Rukhi, as well as for medical facilities in Gali region.

  • Project Results: The capacity of the state-owned healthcare facilities in West Georgia to provide onco-gynaecologic services is increased. Specifically, at least one gynaecologic cabinet created in both facilities of Rukhi and Batumi, at least 25 medical employees improved their knowledge and skills in gynaecology, and at least 170 rural healthcare workers’ improved their knowledge with regard to onco-genecology.

  • Donor: Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic (MEDEVAC)

  • Budget: 205 000 EUR