The story of Aleko Sardanashvili
March 14, 2021 Success stories

The story of Aleko Sardanashvili

Get to know Aleko Sardanashvili, a winemaker who returned to his ancestral home in the village of Khvanchkara, Racha, after 8 years of emigration. Aleko's special relationship to wine and winemaking dates back to his childhood, when he was first taken to the vineyard by his grandfather, who showed him his well-groomed vineyards.

After returning to his homeland, Aleko started thinking about cultivating a vineyard, producing his own wine and setting up a small hotel. After a lot of hard work, his plan came true and in 2014, he received his first guests. With the support of his family and friends, his activities became so successful that guests from all over the world were coming to his wine tastings. Aleko also started bottling his own wine 3 years ago.

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The pandemic starting in 2020 was very challenging for my activities, as tourism stopped and wine sales have decreased, which is why the previous years’ harvest had to be again stored in cisterns. At this time, I took a part in a grant competition from Czech Caritas. During my stay in Racha, Caritas Czech Republic was the first organization to help me produce quality wine and increase productivity. With the help of Caritas Czech Republic, I bought stainless appliances for my cellar, which primarily helped me to carry out the 2020 harvest without delay and not need to sell raw materials at a meager price due to a lack of appliances. I would like to thank Caritas Czech Republic and wish them success in the future, as such projects and support are vital for the regions and for our country, said Aleko Sardanashvili.

We wish a great success to Aleko.

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