Story of Nana Dvalidze
June 1, 2021 Success stories

Story of Nana Dvalidze

 Nana and her family have been actively pursuing cattle breeding for years, and in recent years they’ve also added beekeepingto their traditional activities. They now produce milk, cheese, butter and curd, as well as sour cream and honey. Nana and her family have loyal customers, especially during the summer, when Racha is full of tourists.

With a grant from Caritas Czech Republic, Nana was able to purchase a honey extractor (a ‘cibrut’) and pine printing equipment, which will make it easier for her to better manage and expand her family business.

“Our village has a very favorable environment for livestock and beekeeping, and this is our family's activity, on which our income depends. We have 13 heads of cattle and also 60 beeheves. We suffered a lot during the extraction exhaustion of honey, because this process requires a lot of physical labor in addition to time. The help of Caritas Czech Republic was very important for our family, thanks to this help we saved our resources, which allows us to think about expanding our farm. We are ready for this year's tourist season and we can supply local family-type hotels with our products. "