Slovak State Secretary Visited Caritas Czech Republic Projects in Racha
October 13, 2021 News

Slovak State Secretary Visited Caritas Czech Republic Projects in Racha

Caritas Czech Republic continues to actively cooperate with the Government of Slovakia and thanks to the financial support from Slovak Development Agency, implements development-oriented projects in rural Georgia. In October 2021, Ingrid Brocková – State Secretary of Slovak Ministry of Foreign Affairs paid an official visit to Georgia, during which she got acquainted with the projects carried out by our organization in the region of Racha. In addition, Ingrid Brocková participated in an official handover ceremony of a garbage truck and pickup car for separate waste collection to the Oni Municipality.

Jan Blinka, Caritas Czech Republic’s Head of Mission together with Ekaterine Meskhrikadze, Deputy Head of Mission of CCR, hosted the State Secretary of Slovakia in Racha and introduced her to the projects carried out with financial support from SlovakAid. Namely, Ingrid Brocková visited the enamel workshop, metal-plastic workshop, and linen enterprise funded in the framework of the project – Mitigating the Negative Economic Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Population of Racha, implemented by Caritas Czech Republic in close cooperation with the Slovak NGO Sosna.


“One of the reasons why I am very pleased to be here in Georgia is to speak about the development assistance agenda and our engagement in the development of Georgia in the regions. I was very thankful for a practical presentation because I could see that very often even with a small amount of money you can achieve a lot and all the projects presented by the Caritas Czech Republic implemented in cooperation with our NGO Sosna, is a very good example of value for money. I would like to say that out of the total amount of all the aid allocated for Georgia, 30% goes to the Racha region because there are various needs” noted Ingrid Brocková, Slovak Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Afterward, the Slovak State Secretary participated in an official handover ceremony of a seven cubic meter garbage truck and pickup car for separate waste collection to the Oni municipality.

“I am glad that we had an opportunity to show the results of our work to Mrs. Brocková. She could by herself not only appreciate the hospitality of Rachvelians, but also experience how the SlovakAid-funded projects positively change the lives of local population,” said Jan Blinka, the Head of Caritas Czech Republic in Georgia.

Results of our Cooperation with SlovakAid

Caritas Czech Republic has been cooperating with the Slovak Development Agency since June 2020 and carrying out two development-oriented projects in the region of Racha, with the total budget of almost 280 000 Euro.

Within first SlovakAid-funded project and to reduce the negative economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have supported 26 SMEs, retained 40 jobs, and delivered trainings in online marketing and sales to 40 enterprises of the Oni and Ambrolauri municipalities. Moreover, our organization supported with material humanitarian assistance 152 socially vulnerable families to maintain their livelihood activities.

In the second project, Caritas Czech Republic supported the development of sustainable waste management models, provided infrastructural resources to the Oni municipality government and the local Waste Management Company, and raised public awareness about related environmental topics. In this regard, waste recycling models for Oni, Tsageri, and Lentekhi municipalities were developed and acknowledged by the local governments. Also, 60 units of 1 000-liter metal waste bins, 135 units of 240-liter waste bins, and a seven cubic-meter off-road waste separation truck and pick-up truck were handed over to the Oni municipality.